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Your Guide to Home Heating and Cooling Systems

About HomeHeatingHeroes.com

What is HomeHeatingHeroes.com?

Home Heating Heroes is a website designed to be the last word on all things heating and cooling. From fire pits to fans, water heaters to generators, and everything in between, this site is made to painstakingly search through all the options out there and sort the trash from the treasures.

This site is founded by experts to pass their knowledge on to everyone, using that expertise to narrow down the wide range of products you could choose from to just the best of the best; hopefully saving you time and money in the process.

No matter what you need, Home Heating Heroes is dedicated to helping you find the best of the best, and even maybe provide some nice alternates in things you may not have thought to look for.

Our Story

Home Heating Heroes was founded in 2016 by Tim Johnson, our founder, as a small scope site. It was initially designed to help the clients of his HVAC services business find the right fits for them, essentially acting as a store catalogue of services and products.

Over time, the site evolved, as people came to trust his judgment on things, to the point that even when going to Tim’s competitors, they always made sure to cross reference his reviews.

From there, it has grown into a much larger catalogue, aimed at reaching a wider audience, though with the same general goal of educating people and making decision making easier.

As the site has grown, so has the staff; we now have a suite of experts in every related field to help with accuracy.

Why Trust Us?

Every product we review is handpicked and tested by one of our experts. Each of the reviewers has years of experience in their respective fields, and has seen most products out there used in real world scenarios.

They know which brands are trustworthy, and which need to be taken on a case by case basis. Which products may look great up front, but break down after less than a year.

These reviews don’t represent just a slapdash assortment of words, or a mere aggregate of other peoples’ reviews, they are the results of serious research and experience.

None of our reviewers pull punches on a subpar product for any reason, nor will we try to hype up something just for a quick buck; we call them like we see them, no matter the prevailing opinion, though we do take them into account to see if what we have is a fluke; there’s always that chance we got the one in a million product that’s defective, in which case we’ll re-test and try it again.

Our Review Process

Our process is simple, but thorough.

We get our hands on every one of the products we review, in one way or another. From there, we run tests on it in a real working environment. For larger products, it’s helpful to find ones that are already installed, so we can take a look at them and have a solid log of their performance over time.

From there, we also look at other professional and customer reviews, to see if they line up with our own experience; sometimes good products underperform, and bad ones overperform due to certain circumstances, so it’s good to have some consistency.

Then, we rate the things we like and don’t like about the product before giving our final recommendation. No letter or number grades here, as we feel that those muddle the general point; most products are good for SOMEONE, if not everyone, and it’s better to give an informed recommendation rather than a simple reductionist grade.

Each product in a list is then ranked in general order or best to worst, with wiggle room for products which might be niche, but exceptional within that niche, versus ones that are more generally good, but perhaps lacking in some specific area.

For ease of navigation, a quick list of pros and cons, as well as technical specifications are provided, so if you’re looking for something with specific specs, you can skip to that option and see out thoughts on whether it might be worth your time or not.

How We Choose Products

We pick which products to review based on a combination of popularity and quality. That means the seed of a list is typically a popular product, or one that’s extremely prominent, touted as the best of its kind on the market.

We expand from there, trying to find items that compare to that specific product in the same category, and come up with a list of potential alternatives. For the most part, each product on a list will have its own merits, whether due to price, pure quality, or having some niche feature in comparison to other options.

On rare occasions, a less than great product may be featured. This is usually due to a few reasons. The most common is that it’s a popular product that needs to be addressed, as we find it lacking. While a lot of people may buy it, it may be worth pointing out that it’s not the best quality or value out there.

Another might be that it’s an especially cost-effective option, which is sometimes enough of a selling point on its own.

Whatever the case, truly subpar products are intentionally weeded out for the lists except in exceptional cases like those, where they’ll be pointed out specifically. Otherwise, every product is intended as a legitimate alternative to whatever our top product is listed as.

Our Ethics

Home Heating Heroes is dedicated to honesty and integrity above all else. The purpose of this site is to educate people and help them get exactly what they need. To that end, all reviews are designed to be as thorough and honest as possible and reflect the best of our knowledge the reality of which options are the best and most reliable out there.

Meet the Team

Tim Johnson, Founder

Tim founded Home Heating Heroes as an extension of his own business, to help his customers choose the right products from the options available to him. He’s worked in the HVAC industry for 25 years, and provides an essential service to his community.

Particularly, the sale of generators on the side is born from a particularly rough year after a nasty hurricane. He fervently believes that being prepared for any sort of disaster as well as you can is a necessity, and urges his customers to have some kind of backup plan if hardship strikes.

Tim mostly oversees the site, but occasionally writes an article or review himself, or helps to fact check options or provide his own opinion on the quality of a product he’s had a lot of experience with.

Owner - Expert consultant HVAC

Mike Carpenter, Chief Product Tester

Mike has worked with Tim for over a decade as an installation specialist. When Tim was looking for his first writer for the site, choosing Mike was a no brainer. His expertise dwarfs most of Tim’s other employees, and rivals his own in many ways.

Mike has seen to the installation and use of almost every product he’s reviewed personally, and the ones he hasn’t he’s heard about. His knowledge is a big part of why reviews on the site are so thorough.

While he doesn’t do as much writing these days, he is still the site’s primary product tester, and the one the other writers turn to for opinions on each option; lists are vetted and confirmed with a few notes or pointers by Mike before writing proper begins.

Chief Product Tester

Christine Herrington, Chief Editor & Writer

When the site grew from a simple offshoot of Tim’s local business to something more widespread with greater reach, he knew he needed to get a bit more serious about the quality and professionalism of the writing.

Enter Christine, a highly experienced writer and editor who lends her expertise to the site. She manages the articles written by other writers, and of course contributes heavily on her own, with an eye toward ensuring everything is shipshape and ready to publish, with no glaring errors. Particularly she is interested in fact checking as much as grammatical consistency, and serves as the final word on whether an article can be published as is or needs more work before it goes live.

She performs similar duties for a number of other sites as a full-time writer and editor based in Colorado.

Chief Editor/Writer

Josh Miller, Content Manager

Josh acts as our research specialist; he helps to find what topics we should write about to make sure we have our finger on the pulse of what people are buzzing about in the HVAC world. Josh is an Arizona based consultant well versed in SEO research and, while not as knowledgeable as Mark or Tim, knows his stuff when it comes to heating, cooling, and generators.

Josh also contributes as writer, and is one of our core product reviewers, helping to collect all the information Mark and the rest of the team can give him to pump out great, informative reviews.

Josh works closely with Christine to keep a consistent tone and theme across the site. While she has final say on individual articles being published, Josh is ultimately the one who decides content direction.

Content Manager

Kara Miller, Web Producer

Kara is our resident web guru, and is in charge of updating the website when needed and maintaining usability. She’s one of the newest members of the crew, along with her husband, Josh (our Content Manager), brought on after Tim realized that his cobbled together knowledge of how to make a simple website just wasn’t going to cut it if the site was meant to grow and expand.

She’s worked with Josh on his own practice, handling the books and the website for his Arizona based HVAC business for years, and when he moved to full time writing and consulting, she made a similar switch, overseeing Home Heating Heroes and ensuring it stays navigable and usable without being overbearing and incomprehensible like so many modern websites are.

In addition to her web producer duties, she also dabbles in writing product reviews as well, though less frequently than some of the staff.

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