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If you are looking for an affordable window unit, the hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner cools down 150 square feet in only 10 minutes, using 5000 BTUs of power for under $150.

For a portable model that can cool 180 square feet and remove the humidity from the air at a rate of 31.7 pints a day, consider the JHS 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Portable AC Unit, A019-8KR/A Remote Control Small Air Cooler Dehumidifier with Timer, Sleep Mode and 2 Fan Speed.

For WiFi control over your temperature, the Frigidaire 10000 Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner with Wifi Control is the unit you’ve been dreaming of.

For good control over a small space for a very reasonable price, look no further than the hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner. This powerful little unit can cool spaces up to 150 square feet in only ten minutes, and comes with everything you need to install it in an average window.

It is easy to wash the reusable air filter. You can choose between seven speeds for complete control over this quiet, powerful unit.


How to Pick the Right Model Heater for Your Needs?

Air conditioning has revolutionized modern living, allowing us to live places that would have been too hot before and letting us enjoy our summers like never before.

How do you decide which product will keep you cool without costing more than it has to?

Measure the square footage of the area you want to cool to find a unit that is sufficient to cool the area you need. If you have bad insulation, very tall ceilings, or extremely hot outside temperatures, it is better to err on the side of caution and get a more powerful unit.

While you don’t want to spend more than you have to on your air conditioning unit, buying a unit that is not efficient may end up costing more every month. You may find that a unit with good dehumidifying will cost you less in cooling, since drier air feels cooler and more comfortable even if it isn’t actually so.

Units that can be controlled using WiFi, or which can cool down very quickly, can save you energy because you won’t mind turning the AC up when you leave, since you can easily get it cool enough in your space when you return.

Best Air Conditioner Reviews

By Purpose

1. hOmeLabs 5000 BTU – Top Window Option


The hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner does an awesome job of cooling your small room, even if it tends to get very hot. The heavy duty 5000 BTU window unit can handle spaces of up to 150 feet. It is a good second AC for a room that doesn’t get cool easily.

This unit comes with a kit including a filter, support bracket, window seal foam, etc. to make it easy for you to install your new window unit. A helpful user guide is included to help you achieve drip free installation.

This efficient little machine can get your space cold in 10 minutes, so you can save energy if you like by turning it off or way down when you leave, and still have it fired up and cooling your space quickly when you return.

Seven speeds let you customize air flow to your needs. There is two-way airflow and adjustable fan settings that powerfully reduce hot temperatures quickly and easily.

This unit comes with a reusable eco AC filter that you can wash with warm water and soap, reducing your waste and spending.

2. PIONEER 12000 BTU – Top Split Option


Why be limited in your temperature control for being in an older apartment without central air, an RV, or a boat?

The PIONEER Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System gives you everything in one powerful system. You can choose the BTU level for you, to match very small personal spaces or large commercial applications with ease.

This system comes with a ductless indoor unit for air distribution, an outdoor unit, an installation kit and convenient remote controller. You can set temperatures between 62 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain it whether heat or cool air is needed.

A convenient unoccupied – vacation mode setting lets you set the temperature to 46, to prevent freezing or over chilling of the space while you are gone.

An attractive front panel and LED display is dimmable so you won’t be bothered but can always easily see and program it. This system will automatically swing from heating to cooling as needed.

Washable air filters are permanent so you can have clean air filters all the time without having to create waste or spend money. A multi speed fan motor offers amazing power with nearly silent operation.

Top Central Option


The Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner is a powerful central air conditioning unit that will have your entire house feeling nice all summer. The high efficiency compressor gives years of reliable cooling. Up to 16 SEER cooling performance will give you lower energy bills over the years.

A single speed condenser fan motor dependably provides quiet airflow across the condensing coil. Refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing is five millimeters wide and delivers wonderful heat transfer properties.

The coil is protected within a heavy gauge, galvanized steel cabinet. The baked enamel finish protects the system from outdoor elements and keeps it looking good.

An in-line filter drier protects the refrigerant system from any dirt or moisture, for a longer service life than competition. Goodman provides a ten year limited warranty to put your mind at rest.

Top Portable Option


Why suffer in the heat when you can bring your air conditioning with you? The Honeywell Compact Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan is a compact portable unit with powerful air flow that will get your space cool quickly.

This unit can rapidly cool rooms up to 350 square feet. Auto-evaporation eliminates humidity in your space without you having to do anything.

A washable filter is easy on the environment and your wallet. The filter change alert lets you know when it is time to change the filter, making maintenance a breeze.

The built in dehumidifier in this unit can remove up to 44 pints in 24 hours. You can choose to drain continuously so that you can run this unit unattended. Digital controls are straightforward, with two speeds, a 24 hour energy saving timer, and a remote control that is equipped with a digital display.

Top Sliding Window Option


The Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 8000 BTU Heavy-Duty Slider Casement Window Air Conditioner, Electronic Controls, Remote Control is easy on your energy bill, with a 10.9 energy efficiency ratio.

This unit is especially designed for sliding or casement windows. It will not fit into standard ones.

8000 BTUs of power utilizes a standard 115 V electrical outlet and offers plenty of cooling power for a room that is up to 350 square feet. This product will dehumidify up to three pints per hour, so that your space will feel dry and comfortable as well as cool.

A full function remote gives you precise control over the temperature as well as the fan speed, no matter where you are in the space. This unit is easy to program and control from the unit’s electronic controls, or using the remote.

Three different fan speeds give you flexibility over the power of the fan, while four way air direction lets you control air flow exactly where you want it.

A washable mesh filter is easy to slide out and hand wash. This reusable filter eliminates bacteria, odors, and airborne particles so that the air you breathe will be fresher and cleaner.

This unit operates quietly so you can stay cool and comfortable without being annoyed or kept awake by the noise.

Top WiFi Option


Everything else in your life is smart, why shouldn’t your air conditioner be? The Frigidaire 10000 Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner with Wifi Control is WiFi ready so you can control it from your Smartphone or other device utilizing the intelligent app. This unit is a 2017 energy star, with an energy efficiency ratio of 12.0.

10,000 BTUs of cooling power is enough to efficiently cool up to a 450 square foot room. Three pints of water are removed every hour with dehumidification.

You can turn this unit on or off, change temperature, adapt fan speeds, and control modes, all by using your smart device. Such control can increase your energy saving even further, since you can keep the air conditioner running low or not at all while you’re gone, then turn it on as you come home.

You can always walk into a cool room without ever having to waste energy by cooling an empty space.

This unit is equipped with a clean air ionizer that can remove impurities and pollen from the air in your room, giving relief to those with allergies.

Top Ductless Option


This DuctlessAire 24,000 Btu 20.5 SEER Energy Star Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Variable Speed Inverter gives you everything you need to have temperature control in your space without a duct system.

An energy star 20.5 SEER packs a lot of power, while the variable speed DC inverter compressor gives variable options.

You can expect extremely quiet operation from this efficient system. There is a refrigerant leak detection system to put your mind at ease.

The LCD display is easy to program. A HEPA filter is included, as well as washable air filters so you won’t have to worry about waste or spending money on filters.

Three fan speeds and turbo mode give you a lot of control over the intensity of this unit. This clever and innovative system runs itself with self-diagnosis and auto protection functions. If you lose power this unit can auto restart.

While you can clean the filters, this unit will also clean itself, making your life easy. It has a follow me feature and low ambient operation, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your life.

By Brands

NewAir G73 Hardwired


The best product for this brand is the NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater.

This product comes with everything you need to mount the unit vertically or horizontally, freeing up more ground space for you to use. Furthermore, the unit can be adjusted through either tilting it or turning it up to 45 degrees.

Overall, this product can create 17,060 BTUs, making it one of the most powerful garage models available. There is a built-in safety mechanism to prevent against overheating, using automatic shut-off technology. Additionally, it also has integrated safety grills to prevent injuries.

his product will heat up to 500 square feet of space and can be used in a variety of outdoor areas. It is one of the most popular and safest products available for garage use. In part, this is due to its sturdy construction from stainless steel materials.

This product is reasonably priced and it is easy to adjust the amount of heat that it produces, which we love.

Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mounted


One of the best products put out by the Dimplex brand is the Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace.

It includes simulated fire technology and a stylish black finish. Furthermore, the large viewing area provides 50-inches of viewing pleasure. The product showcases the flames regardless of whether you have the heat on or off.

Unlike many heaters, this one allows you to choose a trim that will match the room where you want to place it. We also love that it minimizes wasted energy by operating at maximum efficiency at all times.

If you decide to move the product to another room, since it is portable, it is easy to do so. It weighs only 75 pounds and has 1000 wattage. It also comes equipped with a programmable thermostat so that you don’t have to venture off your couch when you want to increase the amount of heat it emits.

Soleus Air HB15R-M2-32 Flat Panel


One of the best products put out by Soleus is the Soleus Air HB15R-M2-32 Flat Panel Heater. Unlike many heaters, this one comes with a remote for easy use.

It also boasts two different heat settings, high and low, which can be easily changed using the “mode” button on the heater.

When using this product, you won’t be exposed to excessive noise levels, given that it operates silently to provide you with lots of warmth.

You can easily use the 12-hour timer if you fear you might forget to turn the unit off before heading to work the next day.

This product also has a digital thermostat. Weighing only 11 pounds, it is easy to move wherever you want it.

The stylish silver color provides a nice change from many of the black and white models, and would fit well with modern and contemporary décor.

Marley MUH102 QMark Electric Unit


A fantastic product created by the QMark brand is the Marley MUH102 QMark Electric Unit Heater. This product retails for around $500 – $650 and is one of the most highly rated electric heaters available on Amazon.

It weighs 32.7 pounds and uses 10000 watts and 240 volts. It boasts an airflow capacity of 650 CFM.

The heater works best in outdoor locations; such as garages or mechanical rooms. It is made using 20-gauge steel casing and the fan motor is entirely enclosed in the casing.

You can easily set the temperature on this product to anywhere between 40 degrees to 90 degrees.

Since no additional traps or values are needs, it is easy to install. It also boasts a pull-through air design to help keep the element cooler while in operation.

Lastly, this model is known to be highly durable, so it should last for quite some time!

Vorando EH1-0095-06 VH10 Vortex


While the Vorando brand puts out a lot of different heating models, one of its best products is the Vorando EH1-0095-06 VH10 Vortex Heater. Coming in at a moderate price point, this product offers quality and value.

Using this product is easy and you can quickly adjust the heat settings based on your preferred temperature setting. There is a high setting that uses 1500W and a low setting that uses 750W.

In case of accidental bumps or falls, the product has an automatic shut-off function. As another safety feature, you can expect the product to have a cool-touch to avoid burns.

When you purchase this product, the company guarantees you will be happy with it. In fact, they will guarantee your product for up to five years.

It comes with a power cord wrap attached as well as “Vortex Action,” which relates to the way it heats the room.

Final Verdict

tbeh14imageAs you can see, there are many varieties of electric heaters available. Each type has its own pros and cons. As discussed above, heaters come with different considerations and options (like remote controls) that require some consideration before jumping into purchasing a new model.

After reviewing many different models, our top pick is the Farenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage Heater.

This model provides a powerful level of heat for any outdoor space at a reasonable price. We love that we don’t have to worry about tripping over a heat while working in a cramped garage space.

We also enjoy the option of setting the temperature between 45- to 135- degrees depending on the temperature outdoors. The safety shut-off features as well as the durability of the model had us sold!

If you are seeking an indoor electric heater and cost is not an issue, then our top pick would be the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace.

With a stylish wood design, crown molding, the sounds of fire crackling, an abundance of heat throughout the room, and lovely fire photos, you might not even feel the chill of winter this year.


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