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The 9 Best Generators for RV - Reviewed and Rated

Buying a generator for your RV can be an overwhelming experience because there are so many choices. However, there are a few generators that stand out from the rest that meet your needs of portability, fuel-efficiency, being environmentally friendly, and providing sufficient power for all your essential requirements.

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • Pressure-lubricated engine provides clean power
  • Automatically connects during a power shortage
  • Easy installation for customer convenience
  • 24/7 customer support

Key Features:

  • 200-amp NEMA 3 smart transfer switch
  • All-aluminum enclosures
  • Quiet self-test mode
  • Only 5% total harmonic distortion

In a Rush? Here’s our top choice..

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt
WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt

Reliable, robust, and providing instant power in the event of a power outage, the Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator is the number one choice when it comes to standby generators. Removable door panels and an improved wiring technique allow easy installation, while the multilingual LCD means you’ll always know if your generator is in peak operating condition.

Total harmonic distortion is less than 5%, meaning the unit can provide clean and efficient energy to power both large appliances and more sensitive devices such as laptops and cell phones. Look no further than the Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator for the best standby generator on the market.

Refrigerators and freezers can still operate, preventing food from spoiling, and the units can often support a full load of appliances for cooking, heating, and lighting your property.

When choosing your standby generator, it’s essential to consider your reasons for the purchase. Some take up more space than others, and some run for longer periods. Fortunately, there are excellent generators available to meet almost any need.

9 Best RV Generator Reviews 2020

1. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt – Best Generator for RV

The community spirit is a big part of being away on an RV trip. Your neighbors will thank you for purchasing this ultra-quiet WEN generator, which has an operational noise level of just 53 dBA on quarter load. With a run time of 6 hours on half load, you have plenty of time to chat with your fellow RVers before needing to refill the tank.

EPA- and CARB-compliant for use in all 50 states, you can travel safely in the knowledge that your generator is safe and environmentally friendly. Take this compact unit with you wherever you go on the road. This unit is the best in class on the RV generator market.


  • Dimensions: 48 x 25 x 29 inches
  • Weight: 515 lbs.
  • G-Force engine
  • Less than 5% total harmonic distortion


  • Mobile link remote monitoring for status updates
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • User-friendly Evolution Controller system
  •  5-year warranty


  • Battery not included

Who Should Get This? For those seeking the best-in-class back-up generator, Generac is a tried and trusted brand. This generator is a robust and reliable unit for your home or business.

2. Champion 8.5-kW – Best Standby Generator for the Money

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to accept a low-quality standby generator. Champion’s wallet-friendly unit provides power automatically should you lose power, and then resumes standby mode when the main supply is restored. Built with homes in mind, it has an operational volume level of just 59dBA, which is comparative to the level of a normal conversation.

The system performs weekly self-tests, so you don’t have to, and the included battery charger ensures there’s always a full battery ready for use. Backed by a 10-year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with this standby generator option.


  • Uses propane (LPG) or natural gas 
  • 8.5kW electrical power supply
  • 24V system for reliability
  • 439cc Champion OHV engine


  • Low oil shutdown for engine protection
  • Designed for homes with super-quiet operation
  • Automatic start and standby modes
  • Compliant with regulations in all 50 states


  • Relatively small 8.5kW power supply

Who Should Get This? While it may require less upfront investment, this standby generator challenges more expensive rivals through its excellent range of features. This unit is perfect for those on a budget.

3. Briggs & Stratton 40415 17kW – Best Standby Generator for Larger Properties

Single-phase generators can have small reductions in power as they go through their supply cycle. However, 3-phase generators produce multiple waves of power that work in harmony, maintaining a steady supply. Often quite expensive, these standby generators are better suited for larger premises and are often seen in industrial premises.

Using a Symphony II Power Management system, it intelligently supplies the required amount of power to varying sizes of appliances for efficient operation. The 100-amp transfer switch allows the system to supply power to a large number of household appliances without a drop in performance.


  • 17000-watt standby generator
  • Compliant with National Fire Protection Agency 37 standard.
  • 100-amp 16-circuit Transfer Switch
  • Reliable 3-phase system


  • Power level won’t dip like with some single-phase generators
  • Extremely powerful and suits larger homes
  • Manufactured from durable Galvanneal steel


  • An expensive option

Who Should Get This? If you live in a large home or need a standby generator for industrial property, this 3-phase unit can more than meet your more heavy-duty requirements.

4. Generac 7033 11kW Air Cooled – Best Standby Generator for Reliability

Generac prides themselves on building their products in the US and having a 24/7 customer service network that is based all across the country. Coming with a 5-year limited warranty, built with all-aluminum enclosures, and finished with a corrosion-resistant coating, you can look forward to many years of service from this standby Guardian Series generator.

The intelligent control system allows you to view maintenance intervals to ensure your unit is ready in the event of an emergency, while the self-test mode adds an extra layer of protection to ensure your home has a safe source of standby power.


  • Weighs 446 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 48 x 25 x 29 inches
  • 16-circuit transfer switch
  • Base pad requiring minimal ground prep


  • Can power only essential circuits or the whole house
  • Manufactured by a respected brand name
  • Designed to save money on installation costs
  • Automatically starts within seconds of power loss


  • Remote link does not work in isolated areas without wireless service

Who Should Get This? Anyone who needs a reliable standby generator from a trusted supplier will be happy with this choice. With a nationwide service network, the manufacturer can address any issues quickly.

5. Briggs & Stratton 40336 20kW – Best Standby Generator for Power Combined with Safety

Briggs & Stratton are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and the ability to provide a versatile standby generator. This unit weighs in at a relatively hefty 580 lbs., but that’s offset by the impressive 20kW power supply, which can power 2 5-ton AC units simultaneously. 

Even with such a powerful output, the unit is compact enough so you can install it less than 2 feet from your home. Meeting National Fire Protection Agency 37 standard, it’s a solid choice for a reliable standby generator.


  • 20kW with Symphony II Power Management system
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 580 pounds
  • Optional 100/150/200 and dual-amp transfer switches


  • Can provide power supply for a home up to 12,000 square feet
  • Can power as much as two 5-ton AC units
  • Installs as close as 18″ from your home


  • Some users have found it to be noisier than some rival models

Who Should Get This? If you have a large residence yet want to preserve your outside area without using it for generator installation space, this standby option is an excellent choice.

6. Briggs & Stratton 76107 25kW – Best Standby Generator for Innovation

Using a liquid-cooled engine, this standby generator protects against overheating, even if you need to load the enormous 25kW engine with a multitude of household appliances during a blackout. The generous 200-amp transfer switch manages your devices intelligently, delivering just as much power as is necessary for efficiency.

Choose to run your new generator off either natural gas or propane for your convenience. The unit kicks in almost instantly following a power outage, and your home can run as usual until your power returns. 

Housed in a galvanneal steel structure, your standby generator is protected from the elements and is also coated with a corrosion-resistant finish.


  • Liquid-cooled engine
  • Corrosion-resistant steel
  • 200-amp transfer switch
  • Powerful 25kW system


  • Innovative design allows saving on installation costs
  • Intelligently manages high- and low-demand appliances 
  • Commercial-grade engine for reliability


  • May be more powerful than many homeowners need

Who Should Get This? Customers seeking the reassurance of buying from a brand name, and who want to be at the cutting-edge of standby generator technology can appreciate this product.

7. Champion Power Equipment 100294 – Best Standby Generator for Extended Warranty

Champion’s 100294 Home Standby generator can operate in extreme temperatures, from -22° F up to 104° F, making it an excellent choice for those who reside in areas with intense or variable climates. 


The resourceful technology can provide power to various zones within the home, sending increased power to prioritized areas, and a lesser energy supply to zones that are designated as secondary importance. 


Should a generator overload become a possibility, the in-built sensors move the supply to appliances, which you have previously designated as being of primary value. Combined with a 10-year warranty, you can relax knowing your system can provide service for many years to come.


  • 14-kilowatt generator 
  • 24-volt starting system
  • Dimensions: 50 x 30.1 x 40.2 inches
  • Less than 5% total harmonic distortion


  • No refueling required as it is connected to gas supply
  • 10-year limited warranty guarantee
  • 63 dBA noise level for quiet operation


  • Expensive compared to similar models

Who Should Get This? If you want a reliable system backed by a reputable brand name and a 10-year warranty, this offering from Champion is sure to meet your standby generator needs.

8. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Air-Cooled – Best Standby Generator for No-Frills Stability

Kohler’s reputation has been built over a full century of producing world-class reliable generators. Their latest offering consists of a heavy-duty engine, surrounded by a steel enclosure to ensure protection from the elements. 

While it is built to last, this generator also has a rapid response time following a sudden power outage and comes with a 5-year or 200-hour warranty for your peace of mind.

Kohler boasts that hospitals and airports trust their generators, so you can feel comfortable that your standby energy needs are in safe hands. Rigorously tested before they are released on the market, this is an excellent purchase for those who don’t want to take a chance with their power supply.


  • 100% corrosion-proof finish
  • 200-hour limited wrranty
  • 10-second response time following power outage
  • Weighs 500 lbs.


  • Heavy-duty engine to meet power requirements
  • Kohler has produced generators for 100 years
  • Steel enclosure material for durability


  •  Installation cost can be expensive

Who Should Get This? If you value reputation, Kohler’s 100-year manufacturing career could be the right choice for you. Quality, reliability, and robust, this generator won’t let you down.

9. Briggs & Stratton 40445 8000 Watt – Best Standby Generator for Home Aesthetics

You may need a standby generator, but you also don’t want to compromise the appearance of your home. Briggs & Stratton’s great-looking model offers a slim 252 lb. unit to meet your home and yard requirements. Install it as close as 18 inches from your home, and you may not even notice it’s there, while still having the peace of mind that it meets Fire Protection regulations for your safety.

Look after the environment at the same time as having a stable standby power source, as this generator has the smallest eco-footprint in its kW class. Although it’s not as powerful as many contemporaries, it’s a solid choice for those looking for reliability mixed with an attractive façade.


  • 50-amp Transfer Switch
  • Weighs 252 lbs.
  • Meets the National Fire Protection Agency 37 standard
  • Closer placement option as little as 18″ from your home


  • Efficiency-improving Symphony II Power Management system
  • Manufactured using Galvanneal steel for durability
  • Small environmental footprint


  • Not as powerful as many rivals

Who Should Get This? For those seeking a standby generator but also want a great-looking unit, this is an excellent choice. Attractive and reliable, it can meet all your home power and aesthetic needs.

Best Generator for RV Overall

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt
WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt

For all-round excellence, the WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator is the best RV generator in the market. Reliable, powerful, and environmentally friendly, it’s head and shoulders above the rivals. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to