6 Best Ways for Ceiling Fan Makeover

Josh Miller

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Last Updated on February 1, 2022

Ceiling fans can be a convenient and cost-effective way to cool down during warm weather. However, they are not usually aesthetically appealing. They may have come with the house when you first purchased it, or your décor tastes may have changed since you first installed them.

While buying a new ceiling fan can be an excellent investment in your home, these units can be expensive, especially if you are replacing multiple fans at once. If you are renting or have plans to move to a new home soon, you may not want to make the financial commitment to buying new fans.

Before purchasing a new ceiling fan, try updating your existing ceiling fan. You can makeover a ceiling fan yourself on a budget and with no professional skills needed using these six simple tips.

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Table of Contents

1. Change Your Fan’s Blades

A ceiling fan can look aged and worn, making your space feel dated. Replacement blades should be purchased directly from the fan manufacturer if possible to ensure a good fit. You can check the size of the blades in the fan’s manual if you have it.

The sizes of fan blades range from 42” to over 60”, with 42” and 52” being the most common. Longer fan blades may make a difference in airflow, but the noise will be higher, so it is best to stay with the same size blade in most cases.

For something truly unique, go with blades with hand-carved and textured detail. You can choose blades with finishes like dark mahogany and Spanish oak that show the detail of the grain. To give your ceiling fan a makeover with new fan blades, depending on the manufacturer, they can cost around $50 to $200.


2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

You can restore the original patina in your ceiling fan’s motor and hardware by painting them. This gives your ceiling fan a new stylish look while also maintaining the piece’s original elegance.

A ceiling fan can play off the space’s décor and complement it as an accent piece. Ceiling fans that contrast go well with all sorts of décor, from antiques to industrial. For example, spray-painting a plain metal fan with an oil bronze finish instantly makes it look more contemporary.

Before you choose your paint, you need to properly remove the ceiling fan and then reassemble it.

  • Turn Off the Ceiling Fan

Turn off your power to be safe. Check the circuit breaker, and if it’s red, turn it off. If it still isn’t off, hire an electrician.

  • Remove the Fan Blades and Clean Them

Take off the metal parts from the fan blades and clean them well. If possible, take off the fan blades before dismantling the fan unit. You can handle the blades more easily when you take them apart. Wash with warm water and soap and allow to dry completely.

  • Spray Paint the Fan Blades

Apply a coat of plastic primer for better paint adhesion and let dry. Then, spray paint the blades with your choice of color. Apply two thin coats. Pick paint colors for the fan hardware that goes well with the door hinges, doorknobs, and other appliances in the room. For the fan blades, choose shades that go well with the furniture, doors, and woodwork.

  • Reinstall the Ceiling Fan

Reassemble the fan after the paint has dried, with the lighter side of the blades facing down. Reinstall the fan, connect the wires, and tighten the screws.

3. Choose Wood-Textured Fan Blades

With wooden fan blades, you can stain them rather than apply paint. This will help give more warmth to your space, especially if you have other wood furniture, home décor, and any accents in the room.

Distressed wood grain is another on-trend look that adds a cozy element to your room. Give your basic fan a rustic looks for practically no cost by simply sanding the edges using 220 grit sandpaper.

Use wood texture print adhesive stickers if you have plastic blades but still want the warm look of wood.

4. Put in a New Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Making a DIY project doesn’t have to take weeks and even months. A new ceiling fan light kit can make a quick and practical renovation. There are several types of lighting kits, including single globe fixtures and multiple light fixtures that go from clear to frosted to opal glass shades.

Guarantee a good fit by buying a light kit that is from the same manufacturer as your fan.

5. Install New LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are great for setting the atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, or workspace and saving on your electricity bills. As LED bulbs will last years and require you to change light bulbs less often, you will save on your long-term energy costs as well.

You can get dimmable LED models so you can adjust the light level to suit your mood.

6. Add Remote Control to Your Ceiling Fan

Typically, older ceiling fans have pull chains. Upgrade your ceiling fan’s functionality with a remote control or wall control. Many manufacturers provide universal remote controls that are compatible with their fans.

Signs Your Ceiling Fan Needs to Be Replaced

Some fan issues are mechanical rather than cosmetic, meaning you may need to replace your fan rather than update its look. If you notice your fan has any operation problems, then you may want to look closer into them.

The first sign of a failing fan is trembling, which indicates a lack of maintenance or oil. A wobble is usually a sign of a blade imbalance caused by loose screws connecting the blades to the motor.

An increase in the fan motor’s noise emissions, such as a persistent buzzing or a regular thumping sound, could be caused by broken motors, old, inefficient parts, and other age-related issues.

If you have called a professional to make repairs, but the problems keep reoccurring, the last solution left is to replace your ceiling fan.

Update Your Ceiling Fan and Give it a Complete Makeover

Ceiling fans are a practical fixture in your home, so updating them may be a simple and affordable way to completely transform a space.

You can totally change the ambiance in a room by repainting the fan blades that have been there since you moved in. You can be more energy efficient when you install LED bulbs. With the arrival of a new design and the possibility of new light fixture options, an upgraded fan could be just what you need to get your home ready for the warm weather.

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