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Navien NCB 240 Review– How Well Does This Work?

Last Updated on February 25, 2022


While Navien NCB 240 is not available, here are other Top Rated Tankless Water Heaters we recommend instead:

Water Heater & Broiler

Highly efficient and has integrated controls

Have you been looking for a combination broiler that will keep you toasty warm in the winter when you want heat, without having to rely on your fireplace? If so, you might have come across the Navien NCB 240 combination broiler and water heater. Using extensive research, we will review the pros and cons of this combination model to help you determine if it is a good match for your needs. Based on the fact that it is highly efficient and has integrated controls, we recommend considering this model. This high level of efficiency does come with a price, so read on to determine if it is one you are willing to pay!

NCB 240

Is It Worth Your Money?

coins and calculator

If you are like most consumers, you prefer to compare costs before committing to a large purchase. If you are exploring purchasing the Navien NCB 240, we highly encourage you to follow your intuition in comparing the cost of this model to other models. While it can indeed save you money on utility bills, it could cost more in other ways.

The Navien NCB saves cash by combining two appliances (a gas broiler heater and water heater) into one unit. Thus, you will not have to pay for and maintain two separate appliances. In addition, it boasts energy efficient technology, such as its ultra condensing efficiency, to save you cash on utilities.


Furthermore, it uses anti-freeze technology in order to prevent your pipes from freezing. If the pipes were to freeze, it could cost you thousands of dollars to make repairs, thus making the anti-freeze technology a huge perk. However, this product also comes with a hefty price tag and there are comparable models available for less. In addition, consumers report costly and frequent maintenance and installation problems, which can also increase the amount of money you will be paying to use this product.

Condensing Gas Combination Review & Breakdown




We wanted to know which features might make the Navien NCB worth the high price tag. After extensive research, we found several reasons why this product is a good contender for best tankless water heater:

  • Works Efficiently to Produce Heat: Energy consumption is minimized because water is only heated on demand. It also boasts special condensing technology which enables it to retain more heat, unlike other models. This also results in lower energy loss.
  • Highly Durable: To increase durability, this product is made from stainless steel in an effort to increase longevity and reduce corrosion. In fact, the heat exchanges, as well as the burner, are both made from this material.
  • Eco-Friendly: By utilizing an eco pre-mixed burner, this product results in fewer NOx and CO emissions, which leads to less pollution. If you are wondering how much of an impact this product could have on the environment, it can actually reduce harmful emissions by up to 75% compared to other models. GO Green!


  • Weight of Combination Unit:  84 pounds
  • Dimensions of Water Heater:  17 x 28 x 12 in.
  • Vent Type:  CPVC, Polypropylene Cent System, or PVC
  • Indoor/Outdoor:  Indoor only
  • Ignition:  Electronic Ignition
  • Gas Type:  Natural Gas or Propane
  • Thermal Efficiency Rating:  3%
  • Flow Rate:  5 gallons per minute

Ease of Use & Reliability

Navien has attempted to incorporate features in order to make installation, use, and maintenance of the product safe for you. For example, the model comes with a front panel that is illuminated so you can quickly see the temperature and other information about the model. This panel also lets you see and complete self-diagnostics.

However, consumers have reported that they have experienced difficulty using these features, especially the self-diagnostic codes.

There are additional materials available as resources were you to purchase this product. It comes with a Quick Installation Manual, an Installation and Operation Manual, and requires professional installation. Given the number of problems reported with replacement parts and error codes, reliability does appear to be a problem.


The Navien NCB has a wide price range that fluctuates between $2,200 and $3,600. Sites such as Amazon offer free shipping to help decrease the overall cost of the product.

Any Other Criteria?

The Rinnai V65iN does require installation and venting to the outside. While not overly complicated, electrical, gas, plumbing, and airflow maintenance should not be handled by someone who is not confident performing home maintenance. Remember to turn off the power supply and water supply valves before you begin the project. Read the specification and purchase the valve kit for easier installation.

Who Is This Water Heater & Broiler for?

Are you wondering if the Navien NCB will meet your needs…

This water heater and broiler will be a great choice for you, as long as you don’t mind investing some more cash upfront and shelling out some additional money for repairs.

This high-end model will get you consistent hot water, heat that is eco-friendly and low on harmful emissions, and lower energy bills. The stainless steel parts make help it last a bit longer, though some durability issues have been reported.

Our Opinion

Water Heater & Broiler

The Navien NCB 240 is an okay model. It receives an A+ for energy efficiency and for being environmentally friendly.

However, we think that it is overpriced, to begin with and the high cost of installation and frequent repairs is a major concern for us. As such, we would recommend looking into an alternate product, at a lower price point.

Other Options Worth Looking At:

A second great Tankless Water Heater option is the EZ Deluxe. This product uses 3.4 gallons per minute and is an indoor model. It is priced between $500 – $600 without the installation cost, meaning big savings compared to the Navien. The temperature settings are easy to use, it comes equipped with LCD control, and it is known for its durability.

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