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7 Most Useful Portable Generator Accessories You Need

Last Updated on January 20, 2022

Generators have unique equipment needs, and the right accessories for each generator can vary based on model and wattage. However, there are some bare essentials you can get to keep your portable generator running safely and efficiently for years to come. Without them, your generator could short-circuit or break down, resulting in hundreds of dollars in repairs.

The essential accessories are transfer switch kits and maintenance kits. Generators eventually also need waterproof covers, fuel stabilizers, and other accessories once the weather turns sour or other maintenance needs arise. Here is a list of the best accessories to keep your portable generator running smoothly.

The Reliance Controls Corporation 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit is a safe and easy way to control your 20- or 30-amp portable generator and utility power from the comfort of your home.

When the power goes out, or you simply want to change your power supply, count on Reliance’s transfer switch kit to work reliably. Get the kit today so you can make the most of your portable generator.

7 Portable Generator Accessories

1. Reliance Controls 31406CRK 6-circuit Pro/Tran Transfer Switch Kit 

To switch between power sources safely, homeowners can install a specialized automatic transfer switch. This allows the portable generator’s power to be pulled into the house without backfeeding the utility lines.

Reliance Controls’ automatic transfer switches are renowned for their quality and ease of use. The box, cables, and other parts are made of durable materials, so you can rest assured that this investment lasts for years.

It’s great value for the money, especially since it includes an outdoor inlet box, a power cord, and an extra cord end for 20-amp generators. Unless you specifically need a higher wattage or amperage, this transfer switch is a must-have.

Also, it’s worth mentioning our article about how to connect a generator to your house without a transfer switch.


  • 30-amp box

  • 10-foot hose included

  • Rated for 7500W

  • 5-year warranty


  • Safe for generators up to 30 amps

  • Easy to install inside for quick switching

  • Includes 10-foot cord and other accessories


  • Cannot be used with 8000W generators without circuit breaker

Who Should Get This? This kit is perfect for home and RV owners who need easy and safe access to power controls and the ability to switch on their portable generator without going outside.

2. Yodotek 40FT Heavy Duty NEMA L14-30P/L14-30R Generator Power Cord 

Most portable generators include power cords that are only 10 feet in length. Although this may seem sufficient for some homeowners, you never know when an emergency can require you to move your generator.

This 4-prong power cord from Yodotek is highly durable and uses a twisting lock design, so the plug stays in place when inserted. It is UL-listed, weather-resistant, and safe to use in heavy rain and wind.

The 10-gauge wire is approved for use with either 20 amp or 30-amp portable generators. The cable coating is fire-resistant up to 105° C (221° F), so homeowners can have additional peace of mind.


  • 125 or 250 volts

  • 10-gauge wire

  • 4-prong connectors

  • 30 amps

  • Up to 7500 Watts


  • Twisting lock design for security

  • Heavy duty covering

  • Generous 40-foot length

  • Weather- and fire-resistant


  • Requires adapter to use with three-pronged equipment

  • 8000W generators require 7500W circuit breaker to use

Who Should Get This? Anyone who owns a generator should get this cord for added safety and peace of mind. It’s a must-have thanks to its length, durability, and high wattage rating.

3. STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer 

High-quality fuel stabilizers can keep gas from deteriorating and losing its potency over time. Old gas can also gum up the inside of gas tanks and other key parts, reducing efficiency and causing damage, so portable generator owners must take care to use high-quality fuel stabilizers.

STA-BIL fuel stabilizer gets the job done, protecting portable generators and gas tanks with just a small amount. The 1-ounce to 2.5-gallon treat rate means that even a small bottle can last a long time. The bottle top includes a convenient small measuring tube so you can visualize how much to use in a tank.


  • Bottle sizes ranging from 4 oz to 1 gallon

  • Works up to 24 months

  • 1-ounce -to-2.5-gallon treat rate

  • Works on all gasoline blends and ethanol-blended gas


  • Available in a variety of bottle sizes

  • Stabilizes gasoline for up to 24 months

  • Highly concentrated and effective


  • Difficult to pour the correct amount

Who Should Get This? Homeowners who only use their portable generators seasonally or during power outages should use fuel stabilizer both in the generator’s fuel tank and in gas cans.

4. J2XCO AVR for 6500-8000W Generator Half-moon Style

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) helps generators keep a constant output of voltage even if the engine is producing slightly more or less. The AVR is a critical part of the portable generator, and a failing AVR should be replaced as soon as possible.

Although there are plenty of replacement AVR units on the market, some of them use cheap materials that are easy to damage or burn out. J2XCO’s AVRs are sturdy, with carefully assembled wires and high-quality capacitors.

J2XCO also makes a nearly identical AVR for 4500-6500W generators. They use a standard size and shape to make installation as easy as possible on most portable generators that use half-moon AVRs.


  • 5.5”/140mm hole to hole

  • 6 wires (4 wires in 1 connector)

  • Half-moon shape

  • For 6500-8000W generators


  • Can be used with gas or diesel generators

  • Near-universal shape and size

  • Available in 2 wattage ranges


  • Individual wires are tricky to install and secure

Who Should Get This?

Home, boat, and RV owners with older generators should consider replacing their AVR as soon as possible to prevent future problems, especially since it’s an inexpensive part.

5. Xantrex 804-1240-02 TRUECharge2 12VDC 40A Battery Charger

Xantrex has quickly built a reputation for itself among RV and boat owners. Their chargers are carefully designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users with different battery types and capacities.

Settings include 2- and 3-stage battery charging and support for gel, flooded, AGM, and lead-calcium batteries. The voltage input is auto-ranging, allowing it to be used with a variety of power sources.

The microprocessor-controlled system makes it a top choice for all portable generator owners. Pair it with a high-quality inverter for best performance.


  • 90-265 VAC and 47-63 Hz

  • Up to 40 amps

  • Measures 9.8” x 6.7” x 2.8”

  • Weighs 6.5 pounds

  • 4 battery type settings and 2 stage settings


  • Reliable and trusted brand

  • LED lights show operation status

  • Variety of settings for different batteries

  • Reasonable price for a high-end charger


  • Boots and butt connectors are low-quality

  • Expensive if only charging flooded lead-acid batteries

Who Should Get This?

This battery charger is good for mobile home owners who need charging, or for anyone who wants to be able to recharge batteries off of their portable generator easily.

6. IGAN Generator Tent Running Cover 

This waterproof cover is designed to be used for both storage and as a running cover. The sides roll up and easily secure into place with the attached metal buckles, allowing access and ventilation. The thick tarpaulin side panels stay in place, even during high winds.

The cover uses a unique design with a stainless-steel frame that holds the cover in place. The .63”-diameter pipes do not bend or buckle easily so that the cover can stand up to severe weather and wear-and-tear. It’s an excellent investment for owners trying to protect their portable generator from the elements.


  • Works on most 3500-12000W generators

  • 31.8” x 23.8” x 18” size

  • 9-lb. tarpaulin

  • 4 roll-up sides


  • Sides can be rolled up and secured for easier access

  • Can be used while generator is running

  • Thick side panels don’t blow easily in the wind


  • More expensive than some other options

Who Should Get This? Since portable generators are not safe to use inside garages or other enclosed spaces, all homeowners should get this cover to allow their generator to be operated safely.

7. Power Products Exhaust Muffler for 5.5/6.5 HP Gasoline Generators 

Mufflers are an important investment for your family’s quality of life, but they can become loose or damaged over time. This replacement muffler makes it easier to live and work around your portable generator while it’s running.

The large muffler has a standard 15/16” hole, so it fits a range of different brands and models. It is carefully engineered and shaped to allow easy installation.

Power Products also makes a muffler for 11/13 HP portable generators, which uses a slightly larger exhaust hole and includes a gasket. Both products will help protect your family’s hearing for years to come, even with frequent portable generator use.


  • 15/16” opening

  • For 5.5 and 6.5 HP generators

  • Works with most 3200-4375W generators

  • Available in 11 and 13 HP size


  • Compatible with a wide variety of brands and types

  • Muffles sound well

  • Attaches securely


  • Is not always quieter than the factory muffler

Who Should Get This?

Owners with portable generators between 5.5 and 13 HP may find Power Products’ mufflers to be great replacements once the factory-provided muffler wears out and becomes noisy.

Final Verdict

Reliance Controls 31406CRK 6-circuit ProTran

The Reliance Controls Corporation 30 Amp 6-circuit Transfer Switch Kit is the most important generator accessory you can buy. It includes additional parts so you can use it with 20- and 30-amp portable generators. Get it so you can safely switch your power supply from the comfort of your home.

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