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Rheem EcoSense Review – Never Run Out of Hot Water Again!

Last Updated on November 25, 2021


While Rheem Ecosense is not available, here are the Top Rated Rheem Tankless Water Heaters we recommend instead:


Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

Although we have explored many different types and brands of water heaters, one of the best options available on the market is an indoor tankless water heater called Rheem Ecosense. This highly rated water heater not only saves on space, but it is also incredibly eco-friendly and prioritizes safety. Best of all, we love that we can simultaneously use the shower, dishwasher, washing machine, and even hot tap water while still getting piping hot water for all four appliances! We definitely think that the added safety and eco-friendly features make the Rheem Ecosense worth the price.


Is It Worth Your Money?

We know that money doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately). After considering whether Rheem Ecosense is worth your money, we can confidently say that it is because it saves space and money

In terms of space savings, this unit can replace your large tank-style water heater without the need to compromise on how much hot water you can use at once. 

It even has low flow activation to ensure that you continue to get hot water wherever you need it, even when multiple appliances are being used. 

Secondly, the recirculation pump technology enables the water to be pumped more quickly, which translates into savings for you. How much can you save? While exact savings vary by location, you could save up to a total of 12,000 gallons of water every year. 

If you want to save even more money, simply activate the Water Savings Setting. This setting reduces the amount of the water that flows to your appliances before the ideal temperature is reached. In addition to conserving precious water resources, this feature can also save you money on your water bill!

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Water Heater Review & Breakdown




We were curious about the features that make the Rheem Ecosense stand out compared with other similar products. The top reasons we found, based on extensive research, are listed below:

  • Energy Efficient: This product is part of the ENERGY STAR program, meaning it is more energy efficient compared to other models. In fact, it boasts a high energy factor of 0.93.
  • On Demand Heating: The Rheem Ecosense model will heat water when you need it and it will heat it quickly. Since there is no tank or standing pilot, the apparatus only begins to heat when you turn the water to the on position.
  • Provides Consistent Hot Water: Unlike other tankless water heaters, the Rheem Ecosense has built in features to ensure that you can receive consistent hot water across several different rooms. It does this is through the recirculation pump as well as the low flow activation technology.
  • Easy to Install: When it comes to installation, this product is a breeze to add to your home! It employs a self-diagnostic system so you know when it needs service and can quickly tell if it was installed properly.
  • Additionally, you will get a reminder to service it after you use it for 500 hours. The vent also works with different PVC sizes, including 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes.
  • Fewer Harmful Emissions: The low NOx burner used in this model is considered one of the most eco-friendly options available, as it does not produce as much harmful emissions as other burners.


  • Weight of Water Heater:  8 lbs.
  • Dimensions of Water Heater:  1 x 24.3 x 12.4 in.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use:  Indoor only
  • Vent Type:  Single wall
  • Color:  Gray
  • Gas Type:  Natural Gas
  • Min/Max Temperature:  85F – 140 F
  • Flow Rate:  4 Gallons per minute    

Ease of Use & Reliability

The manufacturer of this product, Rheem, has made sure that this product is easy and safe for you to use. In fact, the Rheem Ecosense comes with a product brochure, instructions for proper assembly, energy use, and use and care manual. All of these printed materials are easy to read and understand.

Furthermore, the installation guide makes installation a snap. To add to the ease of use, this model comes with a digital remote that allows you to see maintenance notices as well as the exact temperature setting of the water heater.

If any questions arise, simply contact the company for a quick resolution! The product comes with a warranty and you have the option to add on an additional protection plan. Furthermore, the regular maintenance reminders that the system provides automatically, will help keep your heater working reliably for years to come!


The Rheem Ecosense typically costs somewhere between $1,100 – $1,900, making it one of the most expensive Rheem models available on the market.

However, Amazon often has special discounts, options to save on interest, and even free shipping that might help you shave a bit off cash on the price of this water heater.

Who Is This For?

You could be wondering if this water heater will meet your needs…

This water heater is ideal for anyone who doesn’t mind paying a little more upfront, in order to save big over the life of the product. Although the upfront cost is higher, you will save on both energy and water gallons consumed for the many years you use this product. It is also a great choice for anyone looking to switch to a tankless model to save space.

If the higher upfront cost is a problem, you might want to consider one of Rheem or Takagi’s lower cost water heater models, although they are not as energy efficient as the Rheem Ecosense.

Our Opinion


The Rheem Ecosense is one of the highest rated water heaters and provides a great value! In order to obtain the value (up to 1,200 gallons of water saved per year and lower energy costs), you do need to invest a bit more upfront.

Once you receive the product, it is easy to install and use. Some people have reported that the maintenance procedures feel a bit complex, however it is nice that the model gives you a reminder when it needs maintenance. The digital remote also makes it easy to check on maintenance status as well as current temperature setting.

Other Options Worth Looking At:

One other option that might be worth considering is the Takagi Indoor Tankless Water Heater. As the name suggests, it is similar to the Rheem Ecosense in that it is only for indoor use, does not have a tank, and uses natural gas.

It has a much lower price point (around $450 – $550), making it a good option if price is a concern for you. Furthermore, it only weighs 38 pounds, compared to the 82 pounds for the Rheem model.

However, it only has an energy factor of 0.81 to 0.83, making it much less energy efficient than the Rheem Ecosense. Overall, if cost is your main factor, then this could be the product you’ve been looking for!

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