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Last Updated on January 20, 2022

Rinnai V65iN Tankless Water Heater Review

Efficient, Long-Lasting, and Easy to Use

After extensive review and research, we are confident in recommending the Japanese-made Rinnai V65iN indoor tankless water heater as a perfectly reliable, cost-effective solution for mid-size homes. If you’ve never owned a tankless water heater, you will be well pleased with its constant performance and compact size. You’ll also notice a reduction in your energy costs. For those who have experienced the benefits of a tankless water heater, the Rinnai V65iN will undoubtedly meet your high expectations.


Is It Worth Your Money?

The Rinnai V65iN natural gas water heater is superior to traditional water heaters in almost every way. It provides hot water on demand rather pre-heating and storing it, uses less energy, takes up less space, and can be placed anywhere in your home for faster water delivery.

With low maintenance needs, a 10-year warranty on the main heat exchanger, and low price (less than $700) for its capacity, the Rinnai V65iN tankless water heater is certainly worth the initial investment. Install it in any home that needs to run less than four hot water fixtures at a time at 98-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Detailed Review & Breakdown

The Rinnai V65iN tankless water heater provides a number of benefits, but might not be right for every home. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision to meet your needs.




The Rinnai V65iN safely uses natural gas to heat water as it passes through the heat exchanger. It will supply 6.5 gallons of hot water per minute, meaning that you can run two showers, a dishwasher, and a laundry machine all at the same time.

If you need the water a little hotter than the pre-set 120 degrees, use the temperature control to bump it up to a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Save more energy by reducing the output temperature to 98 degrees.

With an automatic leak detection water shut-off and anti-frost protection, the Rinnai V65iN not only provides hot water but safeguards your property and investment. If there is a leak inside the unit, it will close its water supply valve. If the temperature drops, the unit will turn on at low power to keep the water in the supply tube from freezing and damaging the pipe.

The Rinnai V65iN is also approved for use in manufactured or mobile homes.


  • Weight: 49.8 pounds
  • Width: 13.9 inches
  • Height: 23.6 inches
  • Depth: 8.8 inches
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 120
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • Gas Line Fitting: .5 inches


The Rinnai V65iN tankless water heater is a small, lightweight wall unit that uses the same amount of electricity as your regular outlet or light switch.

Ease of Use & Reliability

With an intuitive user interface and error lights, the Rinnai V65iN tankless water heater is the ideal model for home use. Its estimated life expectancy is 20 years and the manufacturer warranty covers the heat exchanger for 10 years with additional parts being covered for 5.

You can install this tankless water heater anywhere in your home. Place it closer to the bathroom or kitchen to ensure faster hot water delivery to your most used faucets, fixtures, and appliances.

Keep in mind that the temperature control will adjust the output of all fixtures. If you want to raise the temperature to fill a Jacuzzi, remember to lower it again before turning on the faucet to wash your hands or rinse the dishes.


While more expensive than traditional water heaters, the Rinnai 65ViN is competitively priced for its capacity and performance class. You can purchase the unit for less than $700. The installation kit or professional installation services will cost extra (approximately $60-1200 respectively).

Any Other Criteria?

The Rinnai V65iN does require installation and venting to the outside. While not overly complicated, electrical, gas, plumbing, and airflow maintenance should not be handled by someone who is not confident performing home maintenance. Remember to turn off the power supply and water supply valves before you begin the project. Read the specification and purchase the valve kit for easier installation.

Is This The Tankless Water Heater For You?

As a medium volume tankless water heater, the Rinnai V65iN is ideal for families of 4-5. You can run two showers, a laundry machine or dishwasher, and a hot water faucet all at the same time, never running out of hot water.

While advertising for small to medium homes, it really depends on your water usage and where you install the wall unit. If you have a large home with long plumbing lines between the kitchen and bathroom, or bathroom to bathroom, install the unit between the two to minimize wait time for hot water.

Final Verdict

The Rinnai V65iN is a costly investment, especially compared to traditional units, and installation is not easy if you’re not adept at home maintenance. Once paid for and installed, though, you will enjoy the benefits that this tankless water heater provides.

Rinnai is a leader in tankless water heater design, and the unit rarely fails. The one downfall and this is true of all tankless water heaters, is that if your electricity goes out, the Rinnai will be unable to heat water. A traditional water heater provides one benefit in that it would still provide hot water until its tank is emptied.

Other Options Worth Looking At:

If you’re not sure if the Rinnai V65iN is right for you, consider a larger Rinnai unit, an outdoor unit, or a more efficient tank water heater. Quality tankless water heaters won’t get much cheaper than this, but you could ease the installation process with a fully electric unit.

If you’re concerned about water supply and power outages, consider a Rinnai on-demand water heater with storage. The unit will store up to 40 gallons of hot water while constantly replenishing its supply.

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