Wood Burning Stove Accessory: 5 Useful and Stylish Ideas

Christine Herrington

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Last Updated on November 25, 2021

There are many reasons why wood burning stoves are coming back into fashion. People are realizing that investing in these units is a more cost-effective way of heating a space than buying a gas or electric fire. 

You’ll also find that a premium-grade wood burning stove lends a dash of rustic-style class to your living space. The spit and crackle of the logs burning creates a cozy atmosphere that you just don’t find with electric stove options. 

If you have a wood burning stove but are worried that you’re not getting the most out of this product, you should consider buying some accessories to improve its performance. 

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Why Should You Get a Wood Burning Stove in the First Place?

Wood burning stoves are highly effective sources of heat. Once you’ve piled some seasoned, dry logs on the grate and lit them with a match, the wood sets aflame quickly and efficiently. You can use the stove’s integrated air control function to open the vents and ensure the fire is receiving a steady supply of oxygen. If you’re worried that the wood is burning too quickly, slide the vent closed and shut the stove door. This helps your fire to smolder for several hours. 

These stoves have a rustic, traditional look that complements a farmhouse or French country interior decor. Also, a wood burning stove is relatively environmentally friendly because this type of firewood is carbon neutral, despite not being renewable. 

Investing in a wood burning stove and installing it in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen creates a cozy and warm atmosphere that makes relaxing at home extremely pleasurable. 

The Best Accessories for Your Wood Burning Stove

Once you’ve purchased your wood burning stove and set it up, consider investing in some of these practical accessories. 

You can buy a wide and eclectic range of useful items to accessorize and supplement your wood burning fireplace, from essential safeguarding components to stylish companion pieces. 

Stove fan

This item is a cost-effective and innovative wood burning stove accessory. When you attach one of these fans to the base of your wood burning stove’s pipe, the heat energy that’s flowing from the top surface of the main unit propels the fan’s blades in a rapid circular motion. This motion allows the fan to push the hot air outwards and around the room. 

Whether you’ve set up your wood burning stove in a particularly spacious room or you’re relying on this unit to generate most of your home’s heat during the winter months, it’s essential that you buy a stove fan. 

A high-quality fan will begin circulating heat across the room at temperatures as low as 110°F, so you don’t need to wait too long before you feel the warming effects of your wood burning stove. 

Installing this fan helps make your stove more energy-efficient. The fan pushes heat toward you and your family rather than allowing a large proportion of this thermal energy to pass directly up through the chimney or stove pipe. 

Wood Burning Stove fan

Premium-grade stove gloves 

You should also invest in some premium-quality stove gloves. Whenever you light a wood burning stove, you’ll need to layer the logs and kindling before striking a match and holding it to the base of the pile. You’ll also have to keep the fire going by adding wood or dried chippings to the top of the heap every hour or so. 

By wearing high-quality, heat-resistant gloves, you’ll protect your hands from the flames whenever you have to reach into the stove to adjust the wood pile or add a new log to the smoldering embers.

These stove gloves are an inexpensive accessory that prevents you from picking up any nasty marks or serious burns on your hands and along your forearms.  

Wood Burning Stove gloves
image credit: lehmans.com

Stylish companion set 

Since you’ll need various tools to help clean, stoke, and maintain your fire, it’s a great idea to buy a cost-effective and attractive companion set. You can find these types of sets easily online, and they normally include a long-handled poker, brush, fire tongs, a miniature shovel for clearing out ash, and a useful stand. 

This stand holds the tools, and you should try to choose a set with a specific aesthetic that suits your stove’s look. For example, if you have a retro-style wood burning unit, search for a companion set that has curved lines and bright, funky accents. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for a functional, simplistic, Scandi-style stove, invest in a companion set that uses neutral colors and natural materials. 

Spark screen or fireguard

This product is another essential wood burning stove accessory, particularly if you have young children or excitable pets. Wood burning stoves come with a glass door, so you won’t need to worry about sparks or flare ups causing any accidents whenever this door is shut. 

However, there will be times where you keep the stove’s door open or slightly ajar to provide more oxygen to the fire to help get it going. Putting a mesh screen or fireguard in front of the flames prevents spits, or sparks from flying out of the open door and hitting your young children or pets in the face. 

Digital firewood moisture reader 

This meter allows you to test the moistness of your firewood. Just turn the digital device on, insert it into the center of a log or briquette using the built-in prongs at the top of the unit, and take a reading. You’re looking for firewood that has a moisture content level of between 15% to 20%: if there’s too much moisture in the log, it won’t burn properly. 

When you purchase this innovative device, you won’t have to worry about using wet logs and wasting valuable fuel ever again. 

Get the Most Out of Your Wood Burning Stove With Some Handy Accessories

A premium-grade wood burning stove can add class and style to any living space, and investing in some useful accessories allows you to get the most out of this unit. 

Products like the digital moisture reader and the stove fan will increase the efficiency of your wood burning model, while safeguards like a spark screen and heat-resistant gloves keep you safe while you’re laying and fueling the fire. 

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